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Times that we go into silence


It seems that during these times the soul is quiet but restless at the same time, the inspiration is gone, there is no words or will to express our experiences and share our hearts. We prefer to be silent we need to find our inner core and listen to the stillness of our own heart in the attempt to examine our own experiences and find meaning for what seems overwhelming at the moment. We search for ways to overcome our fears and concerns, we want answers and deep down we know that those answers can only be found within.  It is in times like this that we get enlightened and discover inner strengths and our thoughts change resulting in a change of attitude towards life.

At first glance we tend to see this as difficult times. – Emergencies and crises that happen to us are usually disturbing, forcing us to change our lifestyle, often having to give up on commitments we had made to ourselves or others and the usual routine of daily life becomes disrupted. – This appears to us as a burden and we tend to resist, become frustrated and that is when the inspiration is gone and everything becomes depressing and burdensome and we let stress overtake us.  But if we accept this as part of life what seems like a rock on the road turns out to be an opportunity for progress.

Letting go of our plans and wants, the things we are so attached to, and flowing with stressful events in life is the secret of growth in our spiritual life and at the same time we avoid the negative effects of stress. Resisting the natural course of life and the events that are out of our control, even if it seems terrible and devastating at the moment, only causes us more pain and we will miss the whole purpose of life, hindering our spiritual growth and progress. Letting go on the other hand will take us to a point of silence and reflection, creating the perfect setting for our life to blossom through the quiet acceptance of all our troubles without struggling, clearing the way with a new light as we search for the meaning of all things and realize that after all everything that happens to us is for a good purpose, in a way pushing us to a higher level of strength and composure.

When we can treat success and failure, happiness and sadness, sickness and health with the same attitude, and can meet both with the same approach, knowing that we need both to reach our place of destination, when we realize that the sun is always there even if we are in the middle of the most fierce storm, then we have peace, knowing that the same winds that carried the clouds during the storm will also push them away bringing the sunshine again, even clearer and brighter than before.



The Art of Persevering.

Perseverance and being able to keep the momentum when you want to start any new project can be indeed a big challenge, specially when you are doing something that you are not used to do and have to learn everything from scratch and at the same time face all  the other challenges of overcoming  the fears and insecurities that come with venturing into a new and unknown territory like this little blog is for me. It sounds ridiculous but im just being very honest. I must say that it is not easy for me to find the time to concentrate and be consistent  in just  writing something every day. I also am not sure about my writing skills and even just to understand how to make a blog looking good and appealing looks like a big mountain to me, but I refuse to get discouraged  with all the obstacles and  instead want to use this opportunity to overcome the fear of inadequacy and failure.

Usually the biggest obstacle is our own mind,we pay too much attention to our feelings of being incapable of this or that and we let our fears run wild instead of going ahead  and be single-minded in whatever  we purposed ourselves to do and just do it. If we only do our best  with trust and faith, being willing to be humbled, make lots of mistakes, fall,  get up and start again, we will be able to progress, learn new skills, develop new habits and have more confidence in our own abilities to accomplish anything. The secret is to never give up, let ourselves make lots of mistakes and face our fears. Who cares? I know we care a lot, but we should not because actually there is no mistakes, only a learning process and what sometimes looks like mistakes and failures to us are only stepping-stones that propels us to new heights and at the same time can be an inspiration to others that are facing those same feelings of inadequacy.

We are all gifted with immense capabilities and we can always develop and learn new ones for as long as we don’t place ourself in a place to small to grow. When we stretch ourselves and try new things that are out of our comfort zone we will discover our full potential and ability to do anything we want  with faith and determination. There is no stopping us when we make up our minds and just do it, and do it now, facing anything that is on the way, putting ourselves on the spot and go for it.

If we can develop the art of persevering and learn to just keep going steady in our purpose in spite of all obstacles, difficulties, discouragement, feelings of inadequacy, or impossibility we can overcome anything and are able to accomplish our goals and have enough confidence to keep always moving forward and accomplish bigger things.