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gratitude (Photo credit: nathalie booth)

gratitude. =)

gratitude. =) (Photo credit: camerakarrie)

Thankfulness is a quality that we all tend to neglect, and we hardly slow down to think of the many things we should be happy and thankful for.

If you want to invite more positive things in your life, you also need to learn how to be more thankful. Sometimes we don’t feel like being thankful because we don’t have the things we really want yet, but even if that is the case we should be thankful for whatever we already have, by doing that we are inviting the things we really want.

The practice of gratitude will help you to change your perspective in life. If you feel that life is getting you nowhere, gratitude can change all that. Gratitude will help you redefine your own understanding of what is really happening in your life. You might be surprised how many things we should be thankful for.

The practice of thankfulness is tied up with your mental and emotional state and this leads to the basic principle of attraction that is “like attracts like”. If you want to end negativity in your life you have first be aware of the good and positive things you already have.

Being thankful is an efficient approach to identify the positive aspects in your life. When you are more thankful for the positive things in life you’ll also break the habit of dwelling on the negative. Don’t stop seeing the beauty of the Universe because of temporary problems.

Gratitude is not limited to just personal examination of the positive and beneficial things in your life. When you demonstrate to others their worth and be appreciative for that can also do wonders in your personal relationships. With this practice you will attract better relationships and fewer problems at home and work.




Say thank you for the little things , the big things, the annoying things, the sad things, the happy things, the successes and the failures, the ups and downs, the smiles and the tears, the love and the fears, say thank you, thank you, thank you always. For in the end all things are good and make the beautiful tapestry of your life.     

Create your reality

You create your own reality depending in what you think about. If your thoughts are loving, kind and joyful, your life will reflect that to yourself and others and cause you to have more peace and rest of mind. Maria

Shine your light

Positive thoughts become positive words and words are real things that transform your world and the world of those around you and. When guided with wisdom and inspiration that is coming from your heart, words can be a light shining in the path of those that pass your way. Maria


Forgiveness is like the scent of spring it always brings good memories and makes you happy

Forgiveness is to just live the present moment with joy

Forgiveness lives behind all things that take your smile away

Forgiveness is the perfume that takes your mind to beautiful places

Forgiveness brings heaven into your heart

Forgiveness is contentment and acceptance of yourself and others


Love has a creative power

Love is the essence of everything

Love is the seed that grows and keeps on giving more and more fruit and more and more seeds

Without love there is no life, for life is love

Love is the blue bird of happiness, the peaceful shore, the blue sky, the bird’s song at down, a ray of sunshine in my window, the hope in my heart

Love is what makes me sing

Love is a rainbow in the sky, a smile in my lips

Love is my song of joy

Love is a gentle breeze in my face

Love is the emotion of my heart, the calm of the night, the laughs of the children, the tears of joy

Love is the touch of an hand, your name in the sand the silence, the song, the sweetness in my tongue

Love is the whispers in the wind, the harmony of my song. – Love is what brings me joy

Love is you is me, is all, love is everything and more

Love is all around, in, out, up and down, love creates, it multiplies, it gives more and more, is endless, is divine,  is pure and is kind

Love is the beginning and is the end, is the joy and the tears, the antidote for all fears, the masterpiece all around, the beauty of a bird’s sound

Love is my rest, my repose, my treasure

Love is my gladness and it is my pleasure

Love is more than all words can say

Love is the truth, the light and the way to all things