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Asking For Forgiveness

Asking For Forgiveness (Photo credit: hang_in_there)

Forgiveness lesson from flowers

Forgiveness lesson from flowers (Photo credit: juliejordanscott)

Ask yourself these questions; – “Do I feel there is a wall between myself and what I am trying to manifest in my life? Do I feel that something is holding me back and keeping me from receiving what I desire?”- That blockage you feel might simply be lack of forgiveness. Un-forgiveness brings very negative emotions into your life and like any other kind of negative emotion; lack of forgiveness stands on the way of your ability to have your desires be manifested through the law of attraction.
You’ve learned from childhood that good or bad deeds are rewarded accordingly, and you don’t see any motive in forgiving something that deeply caused hurt, you feel that it is easy to just forget about it and ignore the person. This sounds logic to you and it does not look like it should be a problem, but there is a problem because holding on to grudges is like carrying a heavy load, as you have to be reminding yourself constantly of what cause the hurt in the first place.
Forgiveness will solve all this problems and negativity and will free you from the shackles of resentment and grudges, it will heal you.
If you feel guilty or sad about past events or things that happened in the past you have to forgive yourself, even before you forgive others. If you feel guilty or blame yourself for anything in the past you’ll lack the belief to receive anything from the God or the Universe, because when you don’t forgive yourself or others you are limiting your capacity to receive anything, you feel you don’t deserve to have more. –Non-forgiveness in itself is a limiting condition.
To be able to forgive, you have to let go of your judgement. It is judgement of the other person that keeps you from letting go and forgiving
When you give up the stronghold of your personal judgement, forgiveness will be a lot easier to you, you’ll be able to let go of your initial personal judgement and at the same time you’ll see motives to forgive.
Peace of mind is a good motivation to forgive. Holding on to grudges does not give you peace of mind, the resentment will be popping up in your mind constantly and that will keep you from manifesting good positive things in your life.
Remember that whatever happened in the past can’t be changed, what has been done is done and the God does not dwell on past mistakes, it does not matter anymore. The universe and the law of attraction are only compliant to what is happening now and what you are planning for the future.
Un-forgiveness and holding on to grudges is a waste of energy, so in the end you are just wasting your time and energy on something you cannot do anything about anyway.
To be able to forgive it is required that you let go of your own judgments and believe that nothing bad has been done to you, as you do that and discard all anger and resentment and begin to form more happier, positive thoughts and emotions you’ll also see the law of attraction working for you and bringing to you the things you desire the most and want to manifest in your life.




Say thank you for the little things , the big things, the annoying things, the sad things, the happy things, the successes and the failures, the ups and downs, the smiles and the tears, the love and the fears, say thank you, thank you, thank you always. For in the end all things are good and make the beautiful tapestry of your life.     

Create your reality

You create your own reality depending in what you think about. If your thoughts are loving, kind and joyful, your life will reflect that to yourself and others and cause you to have more peace and rest of mind. Maria

Shine your light

Positive thoughts become positive words and words are real things that transform your world and the world of those around you and. When guided with wisdom and inspiration that is coming from your heart, words can be a light shining in the path of those that pass your way. Maria


Forgiveness is like the scent of spring it always brings good memories and makes you happy

Forgiveness is to just live the present moment with joy

Forgiveness lives behind all things that take your smile away

Forgiveness is the perfume that takes your mind to beautiful places

Forgiveness brings heaven into your heart

Forgiveness is contentment and acceptance of yourself and others


Love has a creative power

Love is the essence of everything

Love is the seed that grows and keeps on giving more and more fruit and more and more seeds

Without love there is no life, for life is love

Love is the blue bird of happiness, the peaceful shore, the blue sky, the bird’s song at down, a ray of sunshine in my window, the hope in my heart

Love is what makes me sing

Love is a rainbow in the sky, a smile in my lips

Love is my song of joy

Love is a gentle breeze in my face

Love is the emotion of my heart, the calm of the night, the laughs of the children, the tears of joy

Love is the touch of an hand, your name in the sand the silence, the song, the sweetness in my tongue

Love is the whispers in the wind, the harmony of my song. – Love is what brings me joy

Love is you is me, is all, love is everything and more

Love is all around, in, out, up and down, love creates, it multiplies, it gives more and more, is endless, is divine,  is pure and is kind

Love is the beginning and is the end, is the joy and the tears, the antidote for all fears, the masterpiece all around, the beauty of a bird’s sound

Love is my rest, my repose, my treasure

Love is my gladness and it is my pleasure

Love is more than all words can say

Love is the truth, the light and the way to all things