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 Besides being creatures of reflection we are also capable of bringing our thoughts into captivity. This means that we can control our thoughts and master them instead of just letting them run wild and keeping us subject to things that we don’t really want or are not happy with. This is the biggest gift we have, – that we can master our thoughts so our mind can serve DSCF4274us the way that fulfils our needs and desires the best.

Through reflection, we are able not only to thing and follow our thoughts whatever they are but we can actually choose what to think according to what we desire and is good for us, we can bring our thoughts into captivity, then guide and master those thoughts in the direction we desire so we can become what we want to be.

Captivity means to imprison, to keep under control, confined, so we don’t get all confused with the negative ideas and outside suggestions and influences. I am not saying that we should close ourselves to outside ideas. Sometimes those ideas can be revelations that can help us to see things from different angles and open our eyes to something that we were not aware of and taking us exactly to the conclusions we are looking for. – That is wonderful. –  I am talking about when we already know exactly what it is that you want and somebody comes and throw at us  other ideas that just confuse us, or bring us doubts, or worst yet, that makes us feel obliged or pressured to go along just to please. It is good to listen to others, specially, if they are there to help bring out our own potential, sometimes they see the full picture and we don’t. But when we, through reflection and pondering a lot already got to our conclusions and know exactly what it is we really want, then, we must not let anything or anybody change our mind.

When we get to conclusions means we already saw the light, we saw the need for it and that is a big step to move in the direction we want. When we realize what it is that we really desire, then, even if the whole world says is not good for us, we will not be easily persuaded to change our mind

Reflect within yourself, find your true desires and dreams and take action to achieve them. When you know what your dreams and desires are you’ll always find the means and potential within yourself to make it happen. But remember it all starts with reflecting upon your own thoughts and guiding them in the direction of your desires.



I am still here!

Yes I was away for too long, but I am back with a beautiful rainbow to inspire you. It always amazes me when nature puts up a

Put a Rainbow in Your Heart Today!

Put a Rainbow in Your Heart Today!

Barberton Mountains – South Africa.

Barberton, the Genesis of Life, is asmall beautiful town situated on the province of  Mpumalanga in S.A. This little town has the most amazing mountains and the landscape is just awesome even in winter and we love our regular walks around here.

Winter beauty. Most of the mountain gets burned every winter, sad to say, but the parts where there was no burning are absolutely full of beauty.

Alan carving on stone.

A beautiful protea bud. We find lots of them around here, but many die or struggle to survive because of the winter fires.

Us having a little picnic of hot bread dipped on chocolate sauce.

There are beautiful mountains like this everywhere we look.

Jenifer enjoying a book more then the mountain. She was reading inside the car most of the time.

I hope you love this pictures and remember that when you are very busy or stressed with work or other bothering issues, a walk in nature is absolutely tranformationl and renewing.

After spending some time close to nature you’ll notice that your thoughts become more positive and your outlook on things also changes, everything will look more bright and you’ll see with clarity of mind and more inspired ideas will pop into your mind.

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Live In The Present

The past is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. The future is out of your reach so there is no use to worry about it because that does not change anything or give you a better tomorrow, so the best thing you can do is to just focus in the now.

A Little Happiness

A Little Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you focus and live your life in the present moment you will be happier and more relaxed and your life will be free the from the burdens of carrying and dwelling in the unpleasant past events that caused you grievances or remorse, and you’ll also be free from worry or fear about the future.

Drop the past:

In the now is where everything is happening and is what we have in our reach to do something about, in the now you can change the way you look at the past and decide to stop carrying all that baggage that is hindering you and causing so much damage and unhappiness to your present life. Is here and now that you can do something about your past by making the decision to change the way you interpret it and the way you let it interfere with your present.

Looking back is always contra productive, whether what  you are looking at positive or negative events, it does not matter, it is always contra productive and detrimental to you happiness and progress in the present moment.

Accept whatever happened in your past and realize that it was all good. It was only bad if you believe that it was bad, but the fact is that your past and whatever things happen to you there, it was always good and contributed for good in your life in one way or another.

Decide now, in the present moment, to accept all that happened to you in the past, good and bad, and receive it as an essential part of what you are and realize that it all happen the way it was meant to happen. If it happened it must be good and it must have produced good results in your life even if you don’t think so.

When you are able to get free from your past, free from remorse, bitterness, condemnation and any desire to get back or revive something that is long gone, only then can you have true success in life, because only then you can put all your efforts, focus and energy to create a better life for yourself now and for the future.

If you truly are looking for success in your career, relationships and love life accept and realize that all your past life and events were perfectly unfolded and everything was the way it was meant to be and it all worked for your good in some way. If you don’t accept it as the truth and a fact then it will not be because you have missed the reason for it all – the lessons learned and the experiences that cause you mature and grow when you hold nothing back.

This Moment is all you have.

Holding nothing from the past creates in you a more loving forgiving and compassionate person, more understanding of others and of yourself and with a clean heart and mind where inspiration blossoms giving you a renewed vision to focus on the now where everything is possible.

In the now is where you can make decisions that can change you life,  you only have control over this moment, not over the past or future, they are both out of your reach.

But when you make yourself available to this moment and look deep inside yourself you’ll discover the immense potential waiting there capable of creating a better you that can impact your life in a powerful and positive way.

It is in your hands to be free from the past, just make the decision to let go and accept all that happened as good and positive in your life and it will be so.

This moment is all you have, use it well and live a life of happiness and joy today.

Embrace the moment because that is all that exists, the past is like a vapor, is gone forever.

A Day of Rest


We all need at least a day of rest, a day that we don’t have to care about work, how the house looks, or worry about any work related problems. Even God rested on the seventh-day so it must be a basic human need for Him to set the sample. Try to have a day a week that you don’t have to worry about anything except flowing with it and doing what you like to do. If cooking, reading, baking, walking, sleeping, listen to music, or any other thing makes you happy and relaxed, do that.

We can find things to do all the time and it is not always easy for us to ignore them, it is difficult to ignore how the house looks, the laundry that needs to be done and all the other things that usually come to our eyes and to our mind when is time to stop and enjoy our deserved rest day. And if you are like me it is hard to relax if there are things to do. We think that after doing all that needs to be done than we can really relax and enjoy our rest day, but what happens is that by then the day is gone and we missed it.

Make your mind beforehand and decide that you’ll not think about or do anything that can make you worried or stressed. Focus your mind in what you want to do, and ignore  all the work that  needs to be done. I had to learn this myself. Make a conscious decision to make your rest day sacred and make it a gift to yourself by doing what you like, it does not mean you sleep the whole day because that can be boring, but if that is what you like and need just do it.

Family time and rest days can be hard to combine and if you have children can be very difficult to have a full day just to yourself, but at least we can have part of the day. You can always organize the day in a way that both parents take turns with the children, so each parent can have at least half a day off, or if possible you can take a whole day off by making turns taking care of the children. Usually the children love that, especially when they can spend a whole day with the one parent that is not usually with them.

If you make an effort and have at least one half day every week just for yourself, you’ll discover the difference it will make in your life and how your week and work will be more productive and you’ll experience less stress and everything will flow with less effort because it is during this times alone when your mind and spirit can rest that you’ll be refilled with fresh and clear ideas that can improve your life, calm your nerves, and give you the strength to face the challenges you encounter every day.


More Confidence…

Confidence-based learning

Confidence-based learning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all lack confidence sometimes. I think that even the most well prepared and self-assured people in the world lack to feel completely confident at one time or another. Confidence comes from the belief that you are capable and holding to that belief, focusing on it without worry or fear while you are enjoying your course of action. Self-confidence does not mean that you’ll always be successful , what it means is that you’ll not have fear of failing or worry about whatever you are doing but instead  you’ll be relaxed and self-assured and because of that it is more likely that you’ll be successful.

Not being skilled and knowledgeable about a certain matter can cause you to have a hard time mastering confidence and be successful at that. Self-assurance comes from believing in your own abilities, from being well versed on the topic and to equip yourself well before beginning any new project. Sometimes you think that you  are prepared to soon realize that you don’t know enough, that you did not study and become really educated  about it, you did not apply yourself  and give it enough attention and time assuring yourself that you really know and not only think you already know.

In order to be confident about anything you need to know your subject well, study and educate yourself about it. Gather all the information and knowledge you can about it and practice as much as possible. The more you do these things the more confident you’ll be and the more successes you’ll have.

Don’t be over-confident or confuse self-confidence with presumption. Presumption is when you are too sure about yourself and boast about it without really knowing. Being self-confident means you are certain about a chosen course of action, keeping quiet and believing that you’ll have a positive outcome. It is to have inner peace and hold on to a positive outcome.

Being positive has a lot to do with self-confidence as negativity has to do with fear of failure. If you keep positive and inspired you are more likely to feel confident and learning will become easier for you, you’ll be self-assured that you’ll be successful – That is what self-confidence really is.  But in order to be positive you’ll have to ready material that inspires and boosts your self-confidence, specially reading success stories from other people and study to become well knowledgeable about your topic.

The more successes you have the more confident you’ll become, so it is important that you are well prepared, doing everything you can to have success in whatever you are doing thus generating more confidence that  helps you to be more effective in creating more and more successes in your life. Remember that self-confidence and success go hand in hand always. One generates the other. Success causes you to be more confident and confidence causes you to be more successful. So make sure that you do everything you can to feel assured and certain before  jumping into any course of action to avoid failure and increase your confidence.

Seven things that raises your self-confidence:

1)      Believe in yourself, you have all that you need to be successful.

2)      Don’t do things just to please others.

3)      Always align what you do with your purpose in life.

4)      Become knowledgeable and educate yourself well about your subject.

5)      Read other people success stories.

6)      Strive to be positive and dwell always on a positive outcome.

7)      Enjoy the ride, have fun without fear or worry.

Think Positive

Whatever it is you think about you’ll become. Seek to think positive thoughts, not only about yourself, but also about others. Remember that whatever you don’t like on others, or that make you judgmental or critical of them is no more than looking yourself in the mirror, because those are the very things you don’t like about yourself.

Be careful about talking negatively about others, watch your words, because whatever it is that you put out into the world it will not only come back to you, but also it will be part of you.

You are whatever occupies your mind the most, make sure to think thoughts of love compassion gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance towards yourself and others and peace will be with you.

Don’t try to fix others or think that they should be this or that way to be accepted by you, just accept them as they are. Remember that if you can change anything it is only yourself and when you do that your perspective on others will also change.

Usually what we perceive about situations or other people is no more than our own opinion and a reflection of ourselves and our own thinking.

It helps us to remember that others also feel that they are right and that should be enough for us to just stop trying to change them to our way of thinking, and instead accept them as they are and give them the right to think the way they do.

You don’t have to compromise yourself to be accepted by others and the same way you can’t expect them to change in order to be accepted by you. Just be yourself and let them also be.

When you are  judgemental of others, you need to stop and put yourself in their shoes, than you will see things through the perspective of love, understanding and compassion, and find peace with yourself and them.

Remember, when you don’t like something about others you are doing no more than mirroring yourself. What you see in them is a reflection of you. I know it is not easy for us to acknowledge that, but it is a fact that we can only know the things we experience ourselves.

Give up trying to change others to your way of thinking. Think positive about them, and you’ll become a more loving and kind person attracting the same into their lives.

Meditate on the good, think positive and inspired thoughts towards the world, others and yourself and you’ll be creating a better world for yourself and others. Remember that whatever flows out of your being creates your own world

The more you learn to discipline yourself and think only good positive and uplifting thoughts about yourself and others, the more good things will flow into your life

You create your own reality depending in what you think about. If your thoughts are loving, kind and joyful your life will reflect that to yourself and others and cause you to have more peace and rest of mind.

Cease all struggle by just embracing things in your life, accept that if it happens to you it is good for you and it will be. Fight against and try to stop what you don’t like and it will stick to you like glue.

How can you know what goes on in other people’s hearts, if you have a hard time knowing exactly what goes on in our own?