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DSCF8810If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through’ narrow chinks of his cavern.”
—William Blake–


Times that we go into silence


It seems that during these times the soul is quiet but restless at the same time, the inspiration is gone, there is no words or will to express our experiences and share our hearts. We prefer to be silent we need to find our inner core and listen to the stillness of our own heart in the attempt to examine our own experiences and find meaning for what seems overwhelming at the moment. We search for ways to overcome our fears and concerns, we want answers and deep down we know that those answers can only be found within.  It is in times like this that we get enlightened and discover inner strengths and our thoughts change resulting in a change of attitude towards life.

At first glance we tend to see this as difficult times. – Emergencies and crises that happen to us are usually disturbing, forcing us to change our lifestyle, often having to give up on commitments we had made to ourselves or others and the usual routine of daily life becomes disrupted. – This appears to us as a burden and we tend to resist, become frustrated and that is when the inspiration is gone and everything becomes depressing and burdensome and we let stress overtake us.  But if we accept this as part of life what seems like a rock on the road turns out to be an opportunity for progress.

Letting go of our plans and wants, the things we are so attached to, and flowing with stressful events in life is the secret of growth in our spiritual life and at the same time we avoid the negative effects of stress. Resisting the natural course of life and the events that are out of our control, even if it seems terrible and devastating at the moment, only causes us more pain and we will miss the whole purpose of life, hindering our spiritual growth and progress. Letting go on the other hand will take us to a point of silence and reflection, creating the perfect setting for our life to blossom through the quiet acceptance of all our troubles without struggling, clearing the way with a new light as we search for the meaning of all things and realize that after all everything that happens to us is for a good purpose, in a way pushing us to a higher level of strength and composure.

When we can treat success and failure, happiness and sadness, sickness and health with the same attitude, and can meet both with the same approach, knowing that we need both to reach our place of destination, when we realize that the sun is always there even if we are in the middle of the most fierce storm, then we have peace, knowing that the same winds that carried the clouds during the storm will also push them away bringing the sunshine again, even clearer and brighter than before.



 Besides being creatures of reflection we are also capable of bringing our thoughts into captivity. This means that we can control our thoughts and master them instead of just letting them run wild and keeping us subject to things that we don’t really want or are not happy with. This is the biggest gift we have, – that we can master our thoughts so our mind can serve DSCF4274us the way that fulfils our needs and desires the best.

Through reflection, we are able not only to thing and follow our thoughts whatever they are but we can actually choose what to think according to what we desire and is good for us, we can bring our thoughts into captivity, then guide and master those thoughts in the direction we desire so we can become what we want to be.

Captivity means to imprison, to keep under control, confined, so we don’t get all confused with the negative ideas and outside suggestions and influences. I am not saying that we should close ourselves to outside ideas. Sometimes those ideas can be revelations that can help us to see things from different angles and open our eyes to something that we were not aware of and taking us exactly to the conclusions we are looking for. – That is wonderful. –  I am talking about when we already know exactly what it is that you want and somebody comes and throw at us  other ideas that just confuse us, or bring us doubts, or worst yet, that makes us feel obliged or pressured to go along just to please. It is good to listen to others, specially, if they are there to help bring out our own potential, sometimes they see the full picture and we don’t. But when we, through reflection and pondering a lot already got to our conclusions and know exactly what it is we really want, then, we must not let anything or anybody change our mind.

When we get to conclusions means we already saw the light, we saw the need for it and that is a big step to move in the direction we want. When we realize what it is that we really desire, then, even if the whole world says is not good for us, we will not be easily persuaded to change our mind

Reflect within yourself, find your true desires and dreams and take action to achieve them. When you know what your dreams and desires are you’ll always find the means and potential within yourself to make it happen. But remember it all starts with reflecting upon your own thoughts and guiding them in the direction of your desires.


Beautiful moments

Nature puts on a special show for us at every second. There is never a dull moment and there is no way to describe the beauty in a simple picture. I am not a good photographer but I love to take pictures and if I can’t go out I still find thousands of ways to take them around the house and garden and they are never the same, so today I am posting a few of them taken from the Garden with added quotes. Hope it inspires you.


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gratitude (Photo credit: nathalie booth)

gratitude. =)

gratitude. =) (Photo credit: camerakarrie)

Thankfulness is a quality that we all tend to neglect, and we hardly slow down to think of the many things we should be happy and thankful for.

If you want to invite more positive things in your life, you also need to learn how to be more thankful. Sometimes we don’t feel like being thankful because we don’t have the things we really want yet, but even if that is the case we should be thankful for whatever we already have, by doing that we are inviting the things we really want.

The practice of gratitude will help you to change your perspective in life. If you feel that life is getting you nowhere, gratitude can change all that. Gratitude will help you redefine your own understanding of what is really happening in your life. You might be surprised how many things we should be thankful for.

The practice of thankfulness is tied up with your mental and emotional state and this leads to the basic principle of attraction that is “like attracts like”. If you want to end negativity in your life you have first be aware of the good and positive things you already have.

Being thankful is an efficient approach to identify the positive aspects in your life. When you are more thankful for the positive things in life you’ll also break the habit of dwelling on the negative. Don’t stop seeing the beauty of the Universe because of temporary problems.

Gratitude is not limited to just personal examination of the positive and beneficial things in your life. When you demonstrate to others their worth and be appreciative for that can also do wonders in your personal relationships. With this practice you will attract better relationships and fewer problems at home and work.


Asking For Forgiveness

Asking For Forgiveness (Photo credit: hang_in_there)

Forgiveness lesson from flowers

Forgiveness lesson from flowers (Photo credit: juliejordanscott)

Ask yourself these questions; – “Do I feel there is a wall between myself and what I am trying to manifest in my life? Do I feel that something is holding me back and keeping me from receiving what I desire?”- That blockage you feel might simply be lack of forgiveness. Un-forgiveness brings very negative emotions into your life and like any other kind of negative emotion; lack of forgiveness stands on the way of your ability to have your desires be manifested through the law of attraction.
You’ve learned from childhood that good or bad deeds are rewarded accordingly, and you don’t see any motive in forgiving something that deeply caused hurt, you feel that it is easy to just forget about it and ignore the person. This sounds logic to you and it does not look like it should be a problem, but there is a problem because holding on to grudges is like carrying a heavy load, as you have to be reminding yourself constantly of what cause the hurt in the first place.
Forgiveness will solve all this problems and negativity and will free you from the shackles of resentment and grudges, it will heal you.
If you feel guilty or sad about past events or things that happened in the past you have to forgive yourself, even before you forgive others. If you feel guilty or blame yourself for anything in the past you’ll lack the belief to receive anything from the God or the Universe, because when you don’t forgive yourself or others you are limiting your capacity to receive anything, you feel you don’t deserve to have more. –Non-forgiveness in itself is a limiting condition.
To be able to forgive, you have to let go of your judgement. It is judgement of the other person that keeps you from letting go and forgiving
When you give up the stronghold of your personal judgement, forgiveness will be a lot easier to you, you’ll be able to let go of your initial personal judgement and at the same time you’ll see motives to forgive.
Peace of mind is a good motivation to forgive. Holding on to grudges does not give you peace of mind, the resentment will be popping up in your mind constantly and that will keep you from manifesting good positive things in your life.
Remember that whatever happened in the past can’t be changed, what has been done is done and the God does not dwell on past mistakes, it does not matter anymore. The universe and the law of attraction are only compliant to what is happening now and what you are planning for the future.
Un-forgiveness and holding on to grudges is a waste of energy, so in the end you are just wasting your time and energy on something you cannot do anything about anyway.
To be able to forgive it is required that you let go of your own judgments and believe that nothing bad has been done to you, as you do that and discard all anger and resentment and begin to form more happier, positive thoughts and emotions you’ll also see the law of attraction working for you and bringing to you the things you desire the most and want to manifest in your life.

I am still here!

Yes I was away for too long, but I am back with a beautiful rainbow to inspire you. It always amazes me when nature puts up a

Put a Rainbow in Your Heart Today!

Put a Rainbow in Your Heart Today!