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 Besides being creatures of reflection we are also capable of bringing our thoughts into captivity. This means that we can control our thoughts and master them instead of just letting them run wild and keeping us subject to things that we don’t really want or are not happy with. This is the biggest gift we have, – that we can master our thoughts so our mind can serve DSCF4274us the way that fulfils our needs and desires the best.

Through reflection, we are able not only to thing and follow our thoughts whatever they are but we can actually choose what to think according to what we desire and is good for us, we can bring our thoughts into captivity, then guide and master those thoughts in the direction we desire so we can become what we want to be.

Captivity means to imprison, to keep under control, confined, so we don’t get all confused with the negative ideas and outside suggestions and influences. I am not saying that we should close ourselves to outside ideas. Sometimes those ideas can be revelations that can help us to see things from different angles and open our eyes to something that we were not aware of and taking us exactly to the conclusions we are looking for. – That is wonderful. –  I am talking about when we already know exactly what it is that you want and somebody comes and throw at us  other ideas that just confuse us, or bring us doubts, or worst yet, that makes us feel obliged or pressured to go along just to please. It is good to listen to others, specially, if they are there to help bring out our own potential, sometimes they see the full picture and we don’t. But when we, through reflection and pondering a lot already got to our conclusions and know exactly what it is we really want, then, we must not let anything or anybody change our mind.

When we get to conclusions means we already saw the light, we saw the need for it and that is a big step to move in the direction we want. When we realize what it is that we really desire, then, even if the whole world says is not good for us, we will not be easily persuaded to change our mind

Reflect within yourself, find your true desires and dreams and take action to achieve them. When you know what your dreams and desires are you’ll always find the means and potential within yourself to make it happen. But remember it all starts with reflecting upon your own thoughts and guiding them in the direction of your desires.