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Barberton, the Genesis of Life, is asmall beautiful town situated on the province of  Mpumalanga in S.A. This little town has the most amazing mountains and the landscape is just awesome even in winter and we love our regular walks around here.

Winter beauty. Most of the mountain gets burned every winter, sad to say, but the parts where there was no burning are absolutely full of beauty.

Alan carving on stone.

A beautiful protea bud. We find lots of them around here, but many die or struggle to survive because of the winter fires.

Us having a little picnic of hot bread dipped on chocolate sauce.

There are beautiful mountains like this everywhere we look.

Jenifer enjoying a book more then the mountain. She was reading inside the car most of the time.

I hope you love this pictures and remember that when you are very busy or stressed with work or other bothering issues, a walk in nature is absolutely tranformationl and renewing.

After spending some time close to nature you’ll notice that your thoughts become more positive and your outlook on things also changes, everything will look more bright and you’ll see with clarity of mind and more inspired ideas will pop into your mind.

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  1. Looks fantastic, and peaceful.


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