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Live In The Present

The past is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. The future is out of your reach so there is no use to worry about it because that does not change anything or give you a better tomorrow, so the best thing you can do is to just focus in the now.

A Little Happiness

A Little Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you focus and live your life in the present moment you will be happier and more relaxed and your life will be free the from the burdens of carrying and dwelling in the unpleasant past events that caused you grievances or remorse, and you’ll also be free from worry or fear about the future.

Drop the past:

In the now is where everything is happening and is what we have in our reach to do something about, in the now you can change the way you look at the past and decide to stop carrying all that baggage that is hindering you and causing so much damage and unhappiness to your present life. Is here and now that you can do something about your past by making the decision to change the way you interpret it and the way you let it interfere with your present.

Looking back is always contra productive, whether what  you are looking at positive or negative events, it does not matter, it is always contra productive and detrimental to you happiness and progress in the present moment.

Accept whatever happened in your past and realize that it was all good. It was only bad if you believe that it was bad, but the fact is that your past and whatever things happen to you there, it was always good and contributed for good in your life in one way or another.

Decide now, in the present moment, to accept all that happened to you in the past, good and bad, and receive it as an essential part of what you are and realize that it all happen the way it was meant to happen. If it happened it must be good and it must have produced good results in your life even if you don’t think so.

When you are able to get free from your past, free from remorse, bitterness, condemnation and any desire to get back or revive something that is long gone, only then can you have true success in life, because only then you can put all your efforts, focus and energy to create a better life for yourself now and for the future.

If you truly are looking for success in your career, relationships and love life accept and realize that all your past life and events were perfectly unfolded and everything was the way it was meant to be and it all worked for your good in some way. If you don’t accept it as the truth and a fact then it will not be because you have missed the reason for it all – the lessons learned and the experiences that cause you mature and grow when you hold nothing back.

This Moment is all you have.

Holding nothing from the past creates in you a more loving forgiving and compassionate person, more understanding of others and of yourself and with a clean heart and mind where inspiration blossoms giving you a renewed vision to focus on the now where everything is possible.

In the now is where you can make decisions that can change you life,  you only have control over this moment, not over the past or future, they are both out of your reach.

But when you make yourself available to this moment and look deep inside yourself you’ll discover the immense potential waiting there capable of creating a better you that can impact your life in a powerful and positive way.

It is in your hands to be free from the past, just make the decision to let go and accept all that happened as good and positive in your life and it will be so.

This moment is all you have, use it well and live a life of happiness and joy today.

Embrace the moment because that is all that exists, the past is like a vapor, is gone forever.


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