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A Day of Rest


We all need at least a day of rest, a day that we don’t have to care about work, how the house looks, or worry about any work related problems. Even God rested on the seventh-day so it must be a basic human need for Him to set the sample. Try to have a day a week that you don’t have to worry about anything except flowing with it and doing what you like to do. If cooking, reading, baking, walking, sleeping, listen to music, or any other thing makes you happy and relaxed, do that.

We can find things to do all the time and it is not always easy for us to ignore them, it is difficult to ignore how the house looks, the laundry that needs to be done and all the other things that usually come to our eyes and to our mind when is time to stop and enjoy our deserved rest day. And if you are like me it is hard to relax if there are things to do. We think that after doing all that needs to be done than we can really relax and enjoy our rest day, but what happens is that by then the day is gone and we missed it.

Make your mind beforehand and decide that you’ll not think about or do anything that can make you worried or stressed. Focus your mind in what you want to do, and ignore  all the work that  needs to be done. I had to learn this myself. Make a conscious decision to make your rest day sacred and make it a gift to yourself by doing what you like, it does not mean you sleep the whole day because that can be boring, but if that is what you like and need just do it.

Family time and rest days can be hard to combine and if you have children can be very difficult to have a full day just to yourself, but at least we can have part of the day. You can always organize the day in a way that both parents take turns with the children, so each parent can have at least half a day off, or if possible you can take a whole day off by making turns taking care of the children. Usually the children love that, especially when they can spend a whole day with the one parent that is not usually with them.

If you make an effort and have at least one half day every week just for yourself, you’ll discover the difference it will make in your life and how your week and work will be more productive and you’ll experience less stress and everything will flow with less effort because it is during this times alone when your mind and spirit can rest that you’ll be refilled with fresh and clear ideas that can improve your life, calm your nerves, and give you the strength to face the challenges you encounter every day.


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