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Confidence-based learning

Confidence-based learning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all lack confidence sometimes. I think that even the most well prepared and self-assured people in the world lack to feel completely confident at one time or another. Confidence comes from the belief that you are capable and holding to that belief, focusing on it without worry or fear while you are enjoying your course of action. Self-confidence does not mean that you’ll always be successful , what it means is that you’ll not have fear of failing or worry about whatever you are doing but instead  you’ll be relaxed and self-assured and because of that it is more likely that you’ll be successful.

Not being skilled and knowledgeable about a certain matter can cause you to have a hard time mastering confidence and be successful at that. Self-assurance comes from believing in your own abilities, from being well versed on the topic and to equip yourself well before beginning any new project. Sometimes you think that you  are prepared to soon realize that you don’t know enough, that you did not study and become really educated  about it, you did not apply yourself  and give it enough attention and time assuring yourself that you really know and not only think you already know.

In order to be confident about anything you need to know your subject well, study and educate yourself about it. Gather all the information and knowledge you can about it and practice as much as possible. The more you do these things the more confident you’ll be and the more successes you’ll have.

Don’t be over-confident or confuse self-confidence with presumption. Presumption is when you are too sure about yourself and boast about it without really knowing. Being self-confident means you are certain about a chosen course of action, keeping quiet and believing that you’ll have a positive outcome. It is to have inner peace and hold on to a positive outcome.

Being positive has a lot to do with self-confidence as negativity has to do with fear of failure. If you keep positive and inspired you are more likely to feel confident and learning will become easier for you, you’ll be self-assured that you’ll be successful – That is what self-confidence really is.  But in order to be positive you’ll have to ready material that inspires and boosts your self-confidence, specially reading success stories from other people and study to become well knowledgeable about your topic.

The more successes you have the more confident you’ll become, so it is important that you are well prepared, doing everything you can to have success in whatever you are doing thus generating more confidence that  helps you to be more effective in creating more and more successes in your life. Remember that self-confidence and success go hand in hand always. One generates the other. Success causes you to be more confident and confidence causes you to be more successful. So make sure that you do everything you can to feel assured and certain before  jumping into any course of action to avoid failure and increase your confidence.

Seven things that raises your self-confidence:

1)      Believe in yourself, you have all that you need to be successful.

2)      Don’t do things just to please others.

3)      Always align what you do with your purpose in life.

4)      Become knowledgeable and educate yourself well about your subject.

5)      Read other people success stories.

6)      Strive to be positive and dwell always on a positive outcome.

7)      Enjoy the ride, have fun without fear or worry.


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