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Think Positive

Whatever it is you think about you’ll become. Seek to think positive thoughts, not only about yourself, but also about others. Remember that whatever you don’t like on others, or that make you judgmental or critical of them is no more than looking yourself in the mirror, because those are the very things you don’t like about yourself.

Be careful about talking negatively about others, watch your words, because whatever it is that you put out into the world it will not only come back to you, but also it will be part of you.

You are whatever occupies your mind the most, make sure to think thoughts of love compassion gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance towards yourself and others and peace will be with you.

Don’t try to fix others or think that they should be this or that way to be accepted by you, just accept them as they are. Remember that if you can change anything it is only yourself and when you do that your perspective on others will also change.

Usually what we perceive about situations or other people is no more than our own opinion and a reflection of ourselves and our own thinking.

It helps us to remember that others also feel that they are right and that should be enough for us to just stop trying to change them to our way of thinking, and instead accept them as they are and give them the right to think the way they do.

You don’t have to compromise yourself to be accepted by others and the same way you can’t expect them to change in order to be accepted by you. Just be yourself and let them also be.

When you are  judgemental of others, you need to stop and put yourself in their shoes, than you will see things through the perspective of love, understanding and compassion, and find peace with yourself and them.

Remember, when you don’t like something about others you are doing no more than mirroring yourself. What you see in them is a reflection of you. I know it is not easy for us to acknowledge that, but it is a fact that we can only know the things we experience ourselves.

Give up trying to change others to your way of thinking. Think positive about them, and you’ll become a more loving and kind person attracting the same into their lives.

Meditate on the good, think positive and inspired thoughts towards the world, others and yourself and you’ll be creating a better world for yourself and others. Remember that whatever flows out of your being creates your own world

The more you learn to discipline yourself and think only good positive and uplifting thoughts about yourself and others, the more good things will flow into your life

You create your own reality depending in what you think about. If your thoughts are loving, kind and joyful your life will reflect that to yourself and others and cause you to have more peace and rest of mind.

Cease all struggle by just embracing things in your life, accept that if it happens to you it is good for you and it will be. Fight against and try to stop what you don’t like and it will stick to you like glue.

How can you know what goes on in other people’s hearts, if you have a hard time knowing exactly what goes on in our own?


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  1. Good article, Postivity is definately the correct path. Thanks for your comment on my blog and Keep up the good work.
    Raymond Barbeir


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