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Being joyous is much more than just being happy. It is a state of bliss where we feel totally content, blessed pleased, and satisfied, it is a state of mind that can be created through the choices we make. We can shift from happy to sad in a moment, depending on what goes around us, but being truly joyous is something we possess apart from what is going on around us. It comes from knowing that all is well regardless of what we our feelings and emotions are, it is to know that we are loved and blessed beyond measure

But being joyous is also a God-given gift, is not something we get by being forceful and trying to always get our way, but it is instead in finding contentment in the simple things of life in a relaxed and trustful way knowing that even the things that don’t appeal to us at a first glance can be transformed in blessings when we align our will with God’s will and flow with it.

We are our own worst enemy when it comes to be truly joyous because we tend to put all our focus on ourselves, forgetting those around us thinking that we are the centre of everything and forgetting that we together are the centre and that instead of making everything turn around ourselves and what we want we should just become more detached from whatever we want so much in order to get it.

Attachment to the things we want and think we need to have joy is always an obstacle to attain those same things. We struggle and work so hard, sometimes we trample over others and become unkind because we think that is the way to get what bring us joy, but when we act in this way we are instead repelling the joy that we so much desire instead of attracting it.

Our biggest goal is always to find happiness and joy in life. It does not matter what each one of us thinks it will bring that to us, and what I think I need to have joy might be very different from you, that doesn’t really matter, what matters is that the only way to get it is to detach ourselves from the things we think brings it to us. For as long as we are strongly attached to something it will be difficult to find joy in that same thing and instead the opposite will happen.

Good things always come to us in a smooth way. We create them by believing in them, by seeing them in our mind, by feeling them and being already happy and not by force, complain or struggle, and definitely not by making our happiness depending on those things. I am not saying that everything is handed to us in a silver platter and we should just relax be lazy and expect it to fall from the sky, no, what I am saying is that it is important to do all we have to do, with believe and certainty that we will receive all that we need, and that sometimes is not exactly what we thought would make us happy, but something even beyond our expectations and that brings us real joy. That is why it is so important to be detached from things and to be open that the best will come to us always.

Let us ride our life’s like a wave, flow with it, and enjoy the ride to the full by just being there ready to catch it without struggle or fear, knowing that for as long as our will is in harmony with the strength of that wave, we’ll have unspeakable joy, but if we struggle and try to ride it our own way the opposite will happen and we’ll lose the joy of living.

So here is my secret to find joy today; – Be kind, be thankful, relax and flow with life, make the decision to be happy now, stop the struggle, separate yourself from what you think makes you happy and in doing so find peace.

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Comments on: "Be Joyous Today" (5)

  1. I’m experimenting flowing with life for the first time in many years instead of resisting it. It’s scary and amazingly exciting like surfing a wave. Congratulatinos, great article


  2. I agree with this post. I am starting to realize this more fully in my life, that just wanting to be happy, or saying that I want to be happy is not enough. Happy thoughts and happy events come when we develop our framework of life, or the defining characteristics of our own mystic world around everything positive. If we think negative, or just about negative things, then things just seem unhappy.

    Holding on to any thought that does not support a healthy mind, healthy relationships and connections with others and family, or healthy body will just be detrimental to our success.

    By the way. Thank you for visiting my blog today, and after checking out your blog, I am going to “follow,” and subscribe to your blog! Thank you for writing such great material!


    • Thank you for your encouraging comment, you inspire me to continue to write.
      I totally agree with what you say and want to encourage you to continue the good work of sharing your heart and the lessons you,ve learned with the world.


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