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2011.02.21 Barberton Mountain 053

Love has a creative power
Love is the essence of everything
Love is the seed that grows and keeps on giving more and more fruit and more and more seeds
Without love there is no life, for life is love
Love is the blue bird of happiness, the peaceful shore, the blue sky, the bird’s song at down, a ray of sunshine in my window, the hope in my heart
Love is what makes me sing
Love is a rainbow in the sky, a smile in my lips
Love is my song of joy
Love is a gentle breeze in my face
Love is the emotion of my heart, the calm of the night, the laughs of the children, the tears of joy
Love is the touch of a hand, your name in the sand, the silence and the song, the sweetness in my tongue
Love is the whispers in the wind, the harmony of my song. – Love is what brings me joy
Love is you is me, is all, love is everything and more
Love is all around, in, out, up and down, love creates, it multiplies, it gives more and more, is endless, is divine, is pure and is kind
Love is the beginning and is the end, is the joy and the tears, the antidote for all fears, the masterpiece all around, the beauty of a bird’s sound
Love is my rest, my repose, my treasure
Love is my gladness and it is my pleasure
Love is more than all words can say
Love is the truth, the light and the way to all things


Comments on: "Love" (2)

  1. being the Lover of Love that I AM, I absolutely LOVE this post! 🙂


  2. […] Love ( […]


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