Getting You Inspired

Don’t Give Up

Usually when we embark in a new venture we feel excited, hopeful, and sure that it is going to be a success but things are not always going according to our expectations and it can become very challenging to keep the momentum and our positive attitude towards it. We discover that there is a lot more to it than what we initially thought and we get discouraged and start having feelings of incapability and it can look like an impossible situation if we start listening to this little negative voice telling us that it is impossible, that we are wasting our time and better quit.

I have experienced this myself over and over again and sometimes I go through these ups and downs. I see it happen and the next day it looks impossible and I want to give up. I get impatient, I want to see quick results, I feel that I am not able or don’t know enough to make it happen. Sometimes it appears insurmountable but next day I can visualize a positive outcome and get inspired again. I don’t know if others feel the same way but this is what happens to me, specially, when I am trying to do something I never did before where I feel challenged and have to learn new things and overcome mind blocks to get to the desired results.

Through these experiences I learned some valuable lessons that really worked for me and maybe they will also work for you if you sometimes encounter these same difficulties in your life. The first thing to remember is not despair or give up your dream.

One thing that helps me a lot is to refocus my attention to the initial idea, remembering how excited I felt and keeping that emotion in my heart and recapture that vision in my mind. When I do this I start immediately seeing the mountains melting away and the vision that makes it all possible coming back.

Another thing that helps me a lot is to gain more knowledge about the matter in order to feel more confident. Lack of confidence can be an obstacle to achieving our goals, because of that it is important that I learn all that I can and need so I can feel confident and secure in my endeavour. Lack of knowledge can in fact be a very discouraging obstacle to achieving our dreams, but remember that there isn’t anything that can’t be learned if we decide in our minds to do it.

Another big block to our success is disorganization and time management. If I don’t plan things well and manage my time wisely I end up busy all the time but not really doing the most important things in order to make progress and accomplish my goals. I learned to alot a certain amount of time for everything I have to do and stick to it even when I am tempted to do more of what I enjoy and postpone the things that are more tedious. In fact I am learning to do the most unpleasant things first, so they are out of my mind, and I can relax more doing what I like best.

My believe system can shift from one moment to another according to my mood and if I get into a negative mood everything looks like a huge mountain, but if I get inspired all mountains melt away and there isn’t absolutely anything that is not possible. Sometimes little things trigger negative thoughts and my outlook starts to change making things apear more difficult. I realize that it helps if I just acknowledge what it is that caused it and try to move away from there. To do that I make a decision to choose to think positive thoughts, thoughts that are aligned with the fulfilment of my desires and dreams and it always works. The power of positive thoughts is amazing.

I discover that to keep my dream alive and continue to keep my vision and focus, it helps if I read inspirational material, material that motivates me to keep on believing, have faith and the certainty that nothing is impossible, and for as long as I keep my mind firm on that all the obstacles seem easy to overcome and I am always able to envision a positive and fulfilling outcome.

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