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Keep Calm

If we could have more faith and trust at times when conflicting situations arise, if we could pause and be silent instead of impulsively react, if we could be patient and hold our tongue a little longer, if we could listen more, if we could trust and not worry and let our fears rule our minds. When we step aside and keep the calm, we’ll avoid so much regret, pain and waste of our precious energy that could be used for more constructive and loving things.

Resistance to things we don’t like, that bother us, that cause us to be upset, worried angry and aggravated with others only stop our progress and take away our happiness, besides depleting us of our precious energy so needed to accomplish our goals and purpose in life. We also lose our focus and vision when we get caught in this trap and stop ourselves from making progress in what really matters.

But worse of all is that when we overreact, get frustrated and upset with others, showing our resistance and overpower, we are actually giving more strength to the very thing that we are fighting against. Every time we resist something we are giving it more power and strength, we are attracting what we don’t want into our lives, and losing our focus and energy so needed for the things that really count in our life

In the other hand if we are positive, demonstrating our faith in people and situations we are preserving our precious energy and strength for the things that really matter and at the same time keeping our life happier and free from attracting unwanted things.

When we learn to trust and flow with situations that usually cause us stress, getting angry at people or trying to push things our way, we realize that having peace and harmony is more precious than anything else and matters tend to solve themselves while at the same time we keep our inspiration and happiness  and preserve our energy. By keeping this trustful attitude we’ll recognize that things are not as bad as we thought they were and change our outlook and the way we perceive things.

Try this to avoid arguments:

Breath deeply and count to ten

Keep silent and listen to the other person

Never interrupt the other person

Don’t judge

Don’t formulate answers in your mind while the person is talking

Be open to other possibilities

Be willing to admit you are not always right

Be positive and expect the best.


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