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Finding Balance

We are all so busy and have so many things to attend every day that more that often we neglect the most important thing – ourselves. From our family life to our work and social commitments, we keep ourselves so involved and let our life be absorbed by so many things that we lose touch with the real life we so desire and the deepest needs of our being. We go from one project to another, one chore to another and sometimes without realizing it our inspiration starts to lack and soon we find ourselves unhappy, without motivation and our patient starts growing thinner and thinner and soon we find ourselves miserable and cause everyone around us to be miserable as well.

The secret is to make sure that you find the balance between your obligations, you work and your spiritual needs.  You are not only physical, but  also a spiritual being  and you need to take care of those spiritual needs as much as you do the physical ones. It easy for us to see the need to eat and satisfy the needs of the body, but most of the time we neglect the spiritual ones like:  relaxing, meditating, reading or just spending quite time with yourself and keeping the balance between work and play.

Most of us like to do all that we need to do first and then relax, we tell ourselves –“ ok, I am going to do this and that and the other and then I am going to feel so good and relaxed when I stop” – but the fact  is that it does not work this way, specially, if you are a perfectionist you’ll always see something else that needs to get done and  the work never really ends. You just go from one think to another until you realize that your time to rest has passed and postpone it for next day and the same will probably happen tomorrow.

To keep the balance in your live is only possible if you make it happen, make it a sacred thing and schedule it, giving it the same importance as your work or even more, because when you are happy relaxed and inspired you can be more productive in all other areas, so it is vital to give it due importance by making sure you don’t pass one day without giving it attention and make it happens. You need it as much as eating or sleeping.

If you are not an organized person by nature the first thing you need to do is to work in that area of your life and become more organized. Learn to plan and an d make sure you follow that plan, if you don’t do that you’ll never find time to do the things you would like and need to keep you healthy, balanced and happy. Remember it is important you plan and organize yourself well, but you have to strictly make it work or it will fall apart and you’ll find yourself on the same old routine.

Often we take lots of free time but we don’t really relax because we are so disorganize and out of focus that we don’t give priority to the things we have to do in the first place and then we feel guilty and unable to enjoy that free time. So please schedule things in a way that you do what you have to do. Work when is time to work and play when is time to play, than you can really enjoy life and your free time.

Whether you are a perfectionist or a disorganized person you can do try this little plan:

1)   Make a schedule where you include 2 hours a day for yourself.(Can be divided in two or three slots) Meditate and think of nothing for 30 minutes, read something that you like, listen to music, just do whatever you like.

2)   Be strict with the time spending in front of the TV or time wasted in the computer. These time wasters live you empty and uninspired (do it in moderation for a schedule time only)

3)   When you work put all your heart into it, focus, and apply yourself to do it well, refuse getting distracted with anything else.

4)   If you have lots of things to do, prioritize and do the most important ones first.

5)   Prioritize your personal time and never keep it for later. It is a good investment, you’ll be happier and more focused to do your work

6)   Make time for you and your family always, work when is time to work and play when is play time.

7)   Plan your time well and keep things as much as possible according to the plan.

Keeping your life in balance is not only important, it is the best thing you can do. You’ll notice the difference it will make when you get to the end of the day and you look back with satisfaction and you feel that indeed it was a good day. You’ll feel that you accomplished something and that life is worth living.


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