Getting You Inspired

I Love Plants

ImageI love the time I spend in the garden everyday. Just walking around for five minutes, looking at the plants, enjoying the shade and listening to the birds It makes a difference in my spirit when I start getting stressed or feeling just a little tired or bored with the work. I talk with the plants, I  love to gently touch them.feel their texture and enjoy the fragrance of the different  kinds of flowers. I am also amazed how they respond to my love and interest in them and I notice that the corners of the garden that I neglect or pay less attention the plants don’t look as happy.

If you have a garden try to develop this interest. It is a wonderful way to distress and relax. If you don’t have a garden just fill the house with plants and you’ll  notice the change it will make in your life if you spend a few minutes watering them, cleaning them of old leaves,changing them around and  reppoting  them when needed.See how inspired it makes you feel.

From the Garden

It started the avocado season and it is a blessing for me to just go out in the garden and pick some. They are slowly ripping so every day I can make a nice healthy salad for lunch.

I am also trying to grow herbs, but the ground here is dry and sandy that they were hardly growing so I just transplant them into pots and put them by the kitchen door where I can see them all the time and keep the soil wet. It is amazing how happier they look in just a few days and I was able to use a few chillies already. It makes an incredible difference to have some fresh ingredients handy as it brings a spark of inspiration to the cooking adding more taste and colour.


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