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Energising Affirmations.


I am healthy

I am what I think I am

I am full of energy and bursting with life

I am perfectly made

I am abundant life

I am amazed at my good health

I am overflowing with life

I am all energy

I am irradiating with good health

I am choosing to be healthy

I am eating the right kinds of food to nourish my body properly

I am exercising every day to keep my body healthy and energised

I am thinking healthy and happy thoughts


I am very happy

I am positive all the time

I am inspired and joyful

I am enthusiastic about life

I am surrounded by beautiful people

I am  certain of good things coming into my life

I am hoping always for the best

I am hoping good things to happen

I am standing strong and positive in all circumstances

I am glad and my life could not be better

I am certain of all the possibilities around me

I am always trusting and full of faith

Life’s purpose

I have peace when I live in harmony with my life’s purpose

I am fulfilled and happy when I know I am following my heart’s desires

I am fulfilling my destiny when I follow my heart

I have a mission that only I can accomplish and I have it all within me to make it happen

I am accomplishing all my goals and my dreams are coming through

Nothing will keep me from fulfilling my destiny with success

I find harmony and peace when my life is aligned with my inner desires and dreams

When I am realizing my purpose in life all fears of failure are removed

I was created with special gifts talents and skills to accomplish my purpose in life

I am complete and happy and I am fulfilling my purpose in life with joy

Nothing is impossible when I am doing what I was created to do and that only I can do

Life has real meaning because I am living my life with purpose and intention to fulfil my destiny

I am only expecting success because I have a purpose for my life


What is Happiness?

Happiness seems to be a fleeting thing to some people while to others it seems like they have a good grasp on it and they are able to live in a permanent state of contentment.

Happiness means different things to different people:

For some people is to be rich, live in a big house, have a certain kind of car, be always on fashion, have the latest trinkets and so on.  Others might not have much material possessions, lead a very simple life and be as happy, or even happier. Happiness is as state of mind and it is not dependent on your circumstances, material possessions or people around you. Although your happiness does not really depend on any of these things, all of these things can in different ways contribute to your happiness.

Happiness is a state of contentment, is to find pleasure in the simple things of life. Happiness is to appreciate what you have and make the best out of it, is to take notice of all the good things that surrounds you, is to make someone happy. Happiness is to give a smile, a kind word, a loving touch, a helping hand and much more.

Happiness is a choice. When you make the decision to be happy you’ll be able to face more stressful situations without losing your state of happiness, you’ll be more prepared to face challenges and resolve issues and at the same time keep your happiness, because you already made the decision beforehand and you are prepared to face these things with more positiveness and calmness, avoiding this way lots of stress in your life.

Happiness more than anything else is to live your life-purpose, is to know that you are accomplishing your mission in life, that you feel fulfilled in whatever you are doing and making a difference in the world and in the life of those around you, is to live your life with enthusiasm and passion at every moment, knowing that everything that happens to you is part of your life fulfilment.

I Love Plants

ImageI love the time I spend in the garden everyday. Just walking around for five minutes, looking at the plants, enjoying the shade and listening to the birds It makes a difference in my spirit when I start getting stressed or feeling just a little tired or bored with the work. I talk with the plants, I  love to gently touch them.feel their texture and enjoy the fragrance of the different  kinds of flowers. I am also amazed how they respond to my love and interest in them and I notice that the corners of the garden that I neglect or pay less attention the plants don’t look as happy.

If you have a garden try to develop this interest. It is a wonderful way to distress and relax. If you don’t have a garden just fill the house with plants and you’ll  notice the change it will make in your life if you spend a few minutes watering them, cleaning them of old leaves,changing them around and  reppoting  them when needed.See how inspired it makes you feel.

From the Garden

It started the avocado season and it is a blessing for me to just go out in the garden and pick some. They are slowly ripping so every day I can make a nice healthy salad for lunch.

I am also trying to grow herbs, but the ground here is dry and sandy that they were hardly growing so I just transplant them into pots and put them by the kitchen door where I can see them all the time and keep the soil wet. It is amazing how happier they look in just a few days and I was able to use a few chillies already. It makes an incredible difference to have some fresh ingredients handy as it brings a spark of inspiration to the cooking adding more taste and colour.



Say thank you for the little things , the big things, the annoying things, the sad things, the happy things, the successes and the failures, the ups and downs, the smiles and the tears, the love and the fears, say thank you, thank you, thank you always. For in the end all things are good and make the beautiful tapestry of your life.     

Create your reality

You create your own reality depending in what you think about. If your thoughts are loving, kind and joyful, your life will reflect that to yourself and others and cause you to have more peace and rest of mind. Maria

Shine your light

Positive thoughts become positive words and words are real things that transform your world and the world of those around you and. When guided with wisdom and inspiration that is coming from your heart, words can be a light shining in the path of those that pass your way. Maria


Forgiveness is like the scent of spring it always brings good memories and makes you happy

Forgiveness is to just live the present moment with joy

Forgiveness lives behind all things that take your smile away

Forgiveness is the perfume that takes your mind to beautiful places

Forgiveness brings heaven into your heart

Forgiveness is contentment and acceptance of yourself and others


Love has a creative power

Love is the essence of everything

Love is the seed that grows and keeps on giving more and more fruit and more and more seeds

Without love there is no life, for life is love

Love is the blue bird of happiness, the peaceful shore, the blue sky, the bird’s song at down, a ray of sunshine in my window, the hope in my heart

Love is what makes me sing

Love is a rainbow in the sky, a smile in my lips

Love is my song of joy

Love is a gentle breeze in my face

Love is the emotion of my heart, the calm of the night, the laughs of the children, the tears of joy

Love is the touch of an hand, your name in the sand the silence, the song, the sweetness in my tongue

Love is the whispers in the wind, the harmony of my song. – Love is what brings me joy

Love is you is me, is all, love is everything and more

Love is all around, in, out, up and down, love creates, it multiplies, it gives more and more, is endless, is divine,  is pure and is kind

Love is the beginning and is the end, is the joy and the tears, the antidote for all fears, the masterpiece all around, the beauty of a bird’s sound

Love is my rest, my repose, my treasure

Love is my gladness and it is my pleasure

Love is more than all words can say

Love is the truth, the light and the way to all things

The Art of Persevering.

Perseverance and being able to keep the momentum when you want to start any new project can be indeed a big challenge, specially when you are doing something that you are not used to do and have to learn everything from scratch and at the same time face all  the other challenges of overcoming  the fears and insecurities that come with venturing into a new and unknown territory like this little blog is for me. It sounds ridiculous but im just being very honest. I must say that it is not easy for me to find the time to concentrate and be consistent  in just  writing something every day. I also am not sure about my writing skills and even just to understand how to make a blog looking good and appealing looks like a big mountain to me, but I refuse to get discouraged  with all the obstacles and  instead want to use this opportunity to overcome the fear of inadequacy and failure.

Usually the biggest obstacle is our own mind,we pay too much attention to our feelings of being incapable of this or that and we let our fears run wild instead of going ahead  and be single-minded in whatever  we purposed ourselves to do and just do it. If we only do our best  with trust and faith, being willing to be humbled, make lots of mistakes, fall,  get up and start again, we will be able to progress, learn new skills, develop new habits and have more confidence in our own abilities to accomplish anything. The secret is to never give up, let ourselves make lots of mistakes and face our fears. Who cares? I know we care a lot, but we should not because actually there is no mistakes, only a learning process and what sometimes looks like mistakes and failures to us are only stepping-stones that propels us to new heights and at the same time can be an inspiration to others that are facing those same feelings of inadequacy.

We are all gifted with immense capabilities and we can always develop and learn new ones for as long as we don’t place ourself in a place to small to grow. When we stretch ourselves and try new things that are out of our comfort zone we will discover our full potential and ability to do anything we want  with faith and determination. There is no stopping us when we make up our minds and just do it, and do it now, facing anything that is on the way, putting ourselves on the spot and go for it.

If we can develop the art of persevering and learn to just keep going steady in our purpose in spite of all obstacles, difficulties, discouragement, feelings of inadequacy, or impossibility we can overcome anything and are able to accomplish our goals and have enough confidence to keep always moving forward and accomplish bigger things.