Getting You Inspired

I Think we all experience those days that everything looks dark and gloomy and we just don’t really know where it comes from and how to get rid of it and rise above to the beautiful sunshine and blue skies again.Sometimes you can’t really pinpoint the cause of these yucky moods, and as much as you try to figure it out you don’t find the answer but instead you get more and more in the “black hole “of your own negativity. Since the more you think and analyse the more everything “stinks,” it is better to stay away from trying to figure it out in your mind and instead focus your attention in things that are pleasant and that put a smile in your face. By doing this you don’t fix whatever it is that is causing the problem deep in your subconscious mind, but by deciding to “distract” yourself with good pleasant thoughts and by looking at beautiful things you create a vacuum in your mind that allows you to see more clearly and invites your intuition to step in and reveal things to you that you were not really conscious about.Remember that when you attain a more relaxed and peaceful, state of mind you realize that what it looks   like big mountains is nothing more than moll hills.Try these to get you inspired again:

1)  Go for a walk in the garden (if you have one) or around the block and appreciate the nature

2) Listen to music that inspires and relaxes you.

3) Have an attitude of gratitude about everything.

4) Sit down, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, appreciate the peaceful scenery and think of nothing.

5)  Close your eyes and think of a beautiful place in nature where you have been and really liked, just imagine you are there, look around, see it as you remember, feel the emotions running through you and bring you all those good feelings of happiness, love, joy, peace, look at the colours listen to the sounds, notice the smells and pay attention how it makes you feel… Stay like this for as long as you can.

6) Just take five minutes and write down everything you are feeling, specially your fears and worries. Pretend you are talking to your best friend , blurt everything out of your heart, then have a few seconds of silence and in that silence you’ll hear a still small voice reassuring you that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about.

7) Just try to grasp quickly all the things that can possibly be bothering you and commit them into God’s hands, or the universe to take care of and as you do this you’ll take the burden off of you and feel instant peace and rest.

There is lots of other things that you can do to rise above negative moods, but the most important thing to remember is that for as long as your mind is busy with good, loving and positive thoughts about yourself, others and the world in general, there will be no entrance for fear, worry or any other negative emotion.


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